Long-term Rental

An ingenious solution to help finance your rental requirements.
The long-term rental is a solution to assist customers the financial benefits of purchasing an aerator or LOW COST rental for an extended period.
Since our aerators have a long lifetime and consequently a high residual value, you’re financing at a significantly reduced purchase price in case of a long-term rental.
You however retain the same rights as if you had opted to purchase. Long-term commitments can always be adjusted in the course of the contractual term
8 Good reasons to choose for long-term rental solutions:

  1. Cost Control – Better cost control is possible with rented equipment. Knowing the exact cost of owned equipment is difficult to determine. Acquisition, repair, maintenance, transportation and facility expense are just some of the variables;
  2. Inventory Control – Contractors in particular often find that they have less inventory loss due to pilferage when equipment is rented rather than owned. There is a logical reason for this. The presence of a continuous billing on a rental item or the occasional friendly call from your rental yard inquiring as to the status of your rental tends to establish accountability for that item;
  3. Disposal Costs – It costs money to sell any type of used or obsolete equipment. Preparing (or repairing) the equipment for resale, advertising and selling time are cost factors of ownership that do not occur with rental equipment;
  4. Obsolescence – Faster and better equipment is constantly appearing, as manufactures battle for a market keenly aware of rising wage costs. Ownership involves the risk of being handicapped with equipment which is slower and less efficient compared to newer models;
  5. Correct Equipment For The Job – Ownership often forces another type of inefficiency through the use of the wrong size or type of equipment for the job. The “we’ll make it work” mentality can led to poor production, lost time, increased costs and in some cases can be a liability factor;
  6. Minimum Equipment For The Job – Equipment ownership becomes particularly onerous when such equipment must lie idle, as owned equipment often does from time to time. The contractor who combines the ownership of basic equipment with quality rental equipment as needed minimizes equipment idle time.;
  7. Conservation Of Capital – Renting frees up capital for other, potentially more profitable uses other than being tied;
  8. Increases Borrowing Capacity – The equipment user who rents rather than buys generally finds borrowing easier because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities, as the equipment does not appear as a liability on his balance sheet. This means that his normal line of bank credit is not disturbed.