MIX-GS Low-speed Bottom Mixer

Exceptional mixing performance in both low and high solids concentration. Easily converted to an AER-GS, independent aerator and mixer, if required. Intensive, low-energy, 360-degree mixing pattern and totally non-clogging impeller. Available as submerged drive or surface drive with extended shaft.

High efficiency mixing of basins + tanks
Activated-sludge processes
Denitrification + SBR
Also ideal for deep tanks + high MLSS

1.1 - 30kW
10 - 42 rpm, geared drive
Stub shaft + extended shaft options
AISI 304/316 or special SS

Intensive low energy to volume mixing
Totally non-clogging design
Low noise
Robust design - low maintenance.

Fixed bridge + floor-mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Submerged or surface drive
Fixed or variable WL


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