MIX-BS Floating Downdraft Mixer - Enclosed Motor

Features the same as MIX-AS with the addition of a motor encapsulated in the float, allowing location near the spray of adjacent aerators without damage. Ideal for frequently foaming, high corrosion (and with optional explosion proof motor), gaseous high flammability applications and noise sensitive locations.

High foaming lagoons, basins + tanks
Mixers positioned in aerator spray
High corrosion applications
Denitrification + SBR

1.1 - 30kW
4 + 6-Pole Speeds, direct drive
VEM motor - Explosion proof
AISI 304/316 or other SS

Non-clogging, gentle action impeller
Turbulent 3D radial mixing pattern
Virtually zero O2 transfer
Simple installation + removal.

Pontoon mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Enclosed drive
Fixed or variable WL.

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