FRMD MIX-SL Floatables Removal Device + Submerged Mixer

Radial mixing in conjunction with surface flow generated by the submersible pump draws FOG towards the basin centre. A special adjustable scum weir allows a laminar layer of FOG to enter the pump intake for discharge from the basin. Non-contaminating so ideal for disposal and reuse applications.

Removal of bulking + old sludge
Removal + reuse of FOG
Sludge stabilisation + biogas

1.5 - 22kW, EMOD motor - IP 68
4 + 6-Pole Speeds, direct drive
Multiple pump flow rate options
AISI 304/316 or other SS

Adjustable flow rate
Purpose designed blockage free pump
Reliable + non-clogging impeller
Simple installation + removal

Pontoon mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Submerged drive + pump
Fixed or variable WL.