FRMD MIX-AS Floatables Removal Device + Floating Downdraft Mixer

Features the same as FRMD/MIX-SL but designed to allow operation at low water level by positioning the special adjustable scum weir beside the mixer rather than above it. The weir and submersible pump are mounted on an independent pontoon connected to the mixer via a self-leveling linkage.

Removal of bulking + old sludge
Removal + reuse of FOG
Sludge stabilisation + biogas

1.5 - 55kW
4 + 6-Pole Speeds, direct drive
Multiple pump flow rate options
AISI 304/316 or other SS

Adjustable flow rate
Purpose designed blockage free pump
Reliable + non-clogging impeller
Simple installation + removal

Pontoon mount only
Vertical operation only
1 x Surface drive + Submerged pump
Fixed or variable WL