FB Foam Breaker

To assist bio-digestion FB aspirates and breaks high volumes of foam forming on the surface of some biological and thermophilic reactors. Foam is sucked into the volute where the degassing phase allows air to vent to atmosphere and liquid to re-entrain. Nothing is discharged from the basin.

High FOG treating biological reactors
High foaming influent
Thermophilic reactors
Biological treatment of animal waste

1.5 - 15kW, EMOD motor - IP 68
4, 6 + 8-Pole Speeds, direct drive
2 + 3 float options
AISI 304/316 or special SS

Blockage free + high flow volute
Unique air/liquid separation + discharge
Reliable + non-clogging impeller
Simple installation + removal

Fixed + pontoon mount options
Vertical operation only
1 x Submerged drive
Fixed or variable WL options