General product information

The FOAM BREAKER consists of a Submersible Motor which drives an Archimedes’ type Impeller, SCREWPELLER®, that is partially located in a vertical Volute, cylindrical or conical shaped. A Gas Exhaust Tube is required, located in the Volute, above the Impeller. The SCREWPELLER® aspirates the water from the Volute, and creates a water flow in the basin that moves the foam layer towards the upper side of the Volute. The foam is sucked into the Volute and, by the action of the SCREWPELLER®, the air is released from the foam and evacuated through the Internal Tube.

The FRED is designed to re-entrain fat and a thick floating sludge layer, but no light sludge. A sludge or foam layer that partially or completely covers the motor housing can be harmful for the motor! The backflow impeller will constantly fill the volume above the downdraft impeller, to limit the aspiration of air. The surface water, including the fat and sludge layer will be sucked into the downdraft SCREWPELLER®, which will create a powerful flow downwards. Next, this flow will bend against the bottom of the basin and will be radially directed in all directions towards the basin side and back up to the surface. Thanks to this optimal flow, the basin volume will be mixed.

The FRMD/MIX-SL combines 2 units in one: the FRMD, which is a Floatables Removal Device, and the MIX-SL, which is a Submersible downdraft Mixer, mounted vertically underneath the FRMD.