AD GRAVITY Floating Weir + Permanently Open + Gravity Discharge

Discharges subsurface laminar layer of clean water without disturbing the sludge blanket or floatables. Gravity and pump options are available with mechanical actuation to close the weir during aeration and mixing phases preventing wastewater or activated sludge entering the discharge pipe.

Sequential Batch Reactors
Sludge settling tanks
Sludge thickeners
General decanting

Circular - 10 to 150m³/h
Rectangular - 150 to 3,000m³/h
Custom manufacture
AISI 304/316 or special SS

Minimal sludge blanket disruption
Adjustable flow
Avoids discharge of floatables
Simple design + installation

Flexible hose + mooring cables with springs
Flexible hose + guide rails
Hinged discharge pipe
Telescopic discharge pipe

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