General product information

Decanting is mostly used in the last step of the SBR (Sequencing batch reactor) treatment technology. This SBR process is used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

In the SBR process of wastewater treatment, the activated sludge is aerated and mixed with the waste water until the desired BOD, COD and nitrogen load is reached.
At the end of this cycle, the aeration and mixing is stopped to allow the sludge to settle towards the basin floor.

Once the sludge layer is sufficiently low, the decanting system can be opened to evacuate the clean water layer close to the surface of the basin.

Floating Decanters

Aquaturbo provides a wide range of floating decanters. Our product range covers small decanters to large industrial decanters.

All the decanters consist of a stainless steel float that holds a stainless steel discharge weir at a present relative position to the float and as a consequence also to the water level in the SBR reactor.

The decanter equipment can be classified by working principle where the Gravity decanters will allow the water to flow from a high level in the SBR reactor to a lower level in a receiving tank downstream.
The decanters can also be equipped with a pump which allows to evacuate the water from the SBR to a basin with a higher level.

These water decanters can also be obtained in 2 different executions: with or without Mechanical closing system: AD(MC)
The mechanically closing decanting system allows to close the gap between the discharge weir and the float of the ADMC during the aeration and mixing phase. This guarantees that the evacuated water is free of sludge from the first drop of water that flows out of the decanter.

Aquaturbo as a wastewater decanter manufacturer will do the sizing of the decanter for water treatment based on the levels in the SBR reactor and the pipe system that follows behind the decanter.

Depending on the dimensions of the tank that we receive from the wastewater treatment company, the mooring system will be selected by Aquaturbo.
The mooring system will allow the floating decanter to follow the fluctuating water level in the SBR reactor.
This can be done with mooring cables and springs, guiding tubes or hinged arm systems.