AER-GD Fixed Low-speed Surface Aerator

Specifically designed for fixed mounting to allow impeller immersion to vary in accordance with flow and associated oxygen demand. Maintains aeration efficiency at variable speed. Four impeller options - 4-blade, to induce circulation in oxidation ditches, and 6-blade, for higher efficiency; LH or RH.

Ideal for oxidation ditches
Activated-sludge systems with baffles    
Aerobic digestion processes
Unscreened plants

1.1 - 160kW
40 - 130rpm, geared drive
4 + 6 Blade, LH + RH impellers
Epoxy coated MS or SS options

High oxygen transfer
Intensive mixing
Easy access
Robust design

Fixed bridge/platform mount only
Vertical operation only
Surface drive
Fixed or minimal WL variation

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