aquaturbo smart monitoring 2


Starting October 2020, Aqua Turbo Systems Group will be launching Smart Monitoring for its floating aerators.

The lifespan of most of our units is considerably longer than 20 years when used under normal working conditions. When a unit prematurely fails it is most likely caused by unacceptable vibrations. To prevent these vibrations causing permanent damage, our units can now be equipped with a monitoring sensor.

Many possible partners were evaluated but ABB ability Smart sensor proved to be the best match for our products. These robust, high-tech units combine functionality with an attractive price tag and can be used on any motor brand.

Three-dimensional vibrations, temperature and rpm will be measured to judge about the “health” of an aerator. With that input lots of additional interesting information can be extracted like: Operation time, Number of starts, Output power, bearing condition, …

aquaturbo smart monitoring 1

Simply download the sensor data regularly with your mobile phone and you will be notified by e-mail and/or pop-up message when a unit is reaching its threshold values. In case the aerator is difficult to access, a gateway can be used to extend its connecting range. Additionally, this will make the follow-up process fully automatic. The gateway can be connected to your local LAN network or even by GPRS (with SIM card) when no access to LAN is available or desired.

Both accessible through the app on your smartphone as through the ABB portal your aerator status can be monitored anywhere. Maintenance can be efficiently planned based on the actual status of the units therefore saving intervention-time and money.

Here you can find mor info on our products.