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In order to support our R&D activities, Aquasystems International NV decided to invest in new equipment which allows to easily create real 3D-models.

After a research on the available technology, we chose to buy a “Fused Deposition Modelling” 3D-printer. Unic-3D, which is the reference in 3D-printing technology, assisted our decision to buy a Ultimaker 3 extended printer.
This printer allows us to print with 2 different types of materials in the same setup. Additionally, it is specialised in the use of water-soluble support material. At Unic-3D, all our engineering staff has been trained intensively in order to successfully print our first parts.
With a printable volume of 215x215x300mm we have enough space to create parts in any shape we want without having to worry about production methods. 3D-printer technology is very efficient for us as we can quickly and cost-effectively create scaled prototypes and test them before building them in real size.
Without any doubt, this kind of investments will be rewarding and will make our products more efficient and reliable

-Ready for a bright future to come-

Wouter Guldentops
Production and R&D Engineer