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we are being audited by ACHILLES UVDB (UTILITIES VENDOR DATABASE- UK) on a yearly basis, holding the UVDB ACHILLES Verify B1 certificate.

For one of our major customers we recently successfully delivered 60 AQUA TURBO high speed surface aerators, type AER-AS.

 aquaturbosystems logistics 1aquaturbosystems logistics 2

aquaturbosystems logistics 3These units have been installed in one of the biggest paper mils in Indonesia.
These aerators have been selected in order to replace existing aspirator type aerators because of their better efficiency and cooling capacity.

The project has been divided into two batches:
Batch one, 25 x AER-AS 22kW - 1500rpm and 3 x AER-AS 18.5kW - 1500rpm
Batch two, 32 x AER-AS 37kW - 1500rpm with extended cone-cross
For this project, we set up a production line with continuous flow throughout our workshop and test facility.

The goods have been  stuffed into containers and shipped through the Antwerp harbor.  This has all been handled by our partner, DEUFOL, a global packaging & logistics company.

For batch one, DEUFOL used 4 x 40ft + 1 x 20ft dry van containers; for batch two, they used 4 x 40ft high cube containers and 4 x 40ft dry van containers.

In order to further assist our customer, one of our engineers visited the site two times to supervise the installation.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with GRENKE, a German based financial institution. This collaboration will allow us to further develop our Long Term Renting business in 31 countries worldwide.

In our continuous search for improvement and continuity of the company, we recently started testing with Bauer IP 68 submersible gearboxes.

Aquasystems will participate to the IFAT exhibition in Munich, Germany (14-18/05/2018).