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For AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV the health and safety of its employees is of the highest priority.

We therefore recently invested in a new mechanical filtering mobile unit to protect our workmen from welding fumes whilst welding; the “MOBFILTER 1600 M”.

This mechanical filtering mobile unit with its flow around 1600 m3/h, is dedicated to the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, non-explosive and small particles dry dust, and as such also contributes to a cleaner environment.

We opted for this model given following product advantages:
- low noise level
- simple installation
- compact design
- minimal maintenance

Furthermore the “MOBFILTER 1600 M” is equipped with:
- a high efficiency filter for welding smoke (99,99 %) using a 35m2 cartridge
- automatic start-controlled welding current, 5 m
- the high-pressure fan 1.5 kW insures a high flow to the nozzle
- a 4 m poly-articulated arm

The use of this filtering unit, in addition to their other PPE for welding, will enable our workmen to weld under the safest circumstances.

We not only see to the health and safety of our employees by means of the required PPE, but also invest in continuous training.

A recent example of such training is the training for aerial work platforms and scissor lift.

All trainings are repeated on a regular basis so that our workforce remains well-skilled to perform all required tasks under the safest conditions on site as well as in our workshop.