Aquaturbo walkway 1

Aqua Turbo Systems significantly improved its working environment of its Engineering Department in the area of Health and Safety . This change is related to the test tank installation located in the Belgian Head Office.

A  new walkway has been installed on the large rectangular test tank situated in the companies Testing Bay Area. This walkway allows safer access to any unit installed in the test tank. Each Aqua Turbo Unit whether it be an Aerator, Mixer or Foam Removal system is manufactured and then checked for balancing and power consumption. This new walkway will make the daily work of our Engineers in the workshop easier and safer.

Testing of bridge mounted units Aqua Turbo AER-GD, AER-GS, AER-F(ES) and MIX-GS units will be done much more efficiently. Previously we had to make a temporary platform to enable us to mount the unit between the two I-beams above the basin. The new bridge will make a major difference since it has been foreseen to mount the test units easily on this platform.

This new walkway will also be used during Research and Development of New Products or during improvement of the existing Product Range. The walkway allows us to mount monitoring equipment in the relevant areas of the test tank. This gives the Engineering Department more detailed and accurate information during testing which can result in improved product performance.