We are proud to announce you the launch of our brand new Group Website.


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For the first time we present you a global approach in presenting our products and services. Whether you are located in Asia or in Timbuktu, you will be able to find all information necessary and available on one unique address i.e. www.aquaturbo.com . Reading this site will be possible for as well PC, tablets as Smartphones.

In the same run we also launched a Newsletter which will be updated on a quarterly basis. Elsewhere on our website you can subscribe to this newsletter. By doing so you, will be receiving periodically any news available on our company.

From now on you can follow us on LinkedIn. This can help you to stay informed on any news regarding our products an services.

Finally we decided to rework our Group Logo. The new Logo refers to the registered Screwpeller Technology which has been key for the development of our company. One logo for the group “Aqua Turbo Systems” will increase our Corporate visibility and recognition.


we are being audited by ACHILLES UVDB (UTILITIES VENDOR DATABASE- UK) on a yearly basis, holding the UVDB ACHILLES Verify B1 certificate.


Achiles Certificate

 ACHILLES  is the global leader and partner of our choice for supply chain risk and performance management in Natural Resources, Industrials and Infrastructure sectors. They run supplier pre-qualification programmes, validate data, carry out industry audits and mitigate risks.
They offer innovative products, services and training in supply chain management. Their buyers and suppliers form lasting business partnerships in industry communities unique to Achilles.
Headquartered in the UK, they employ over 1000 people in 29 countries, offering global procurement services, with local expertise.
More than 850 of the world’s leading buying organisations and in excess of 150,000 key suppliers currently benefit from being members of the Achilles’ network of over 30 different communities in 11 industry sectors. They are continuously expanding their services into new markets.

Creating collaborative communities

Achilles creates and manages a global network of collaborative industry communities, allowing trading partners to share high quality, structured, real-time data.
Using cloud-based technology and industry expertise they act as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk and suppliers to increase market reach while incasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

The Power of a Network of Communities
Their community structure provides :

  • buyers with access to a broader range of verified, compliant
  • supplierssuppliers with access to a broader range of potential buyers

The required verification and data gathering processes are standardised within the community and are facilitated by their local support teams based around the world.
The result is a significant reduction in the work required by both suppliers and buyers to manage and reduce risk within their community and a substantially lower cost of compliance for the community as a whole.
Their communities range in scope from large individual enterprises seeking to improve compliance and risk management across their multi-national base of subsidiaries to broad, industry-wide communities of over 100 major buyers and 10,000 suppliers.
Their global network produces additional benefits by sharing best practice in compliance and risk management between industry sectors and across geographies and allows buyers and suppliers to open up trading opportunities in new markets.
Their services
They provide our communities with :

  • A SaaS-based buyer and supplier compliance, risk and performance management platform
  • Expertise in the specific industry sector and in procurement compliance and risk management issues in general
  • Support to assist suppliers in compiling the relevant information and achieving compliance
  • Resources to continuously update, verify and, if required, audit the information

Their customers

They work with some of the world’s best-known companies including Shell, Balfour Beatty, Toyota Motor Europe, EDF, Vale, ABB, Santos, Chevron, Maersk, Skanska, Statoil, Vattenfall, Repsol YPF, Alstom, Iberdrola, Acciona, Abertis, National Grid, BHP Billiton, Yamana Gold, Halliburton, Anglo American, Jaguar Landrover and Exxon Mobil.

For one of our major customers we recently successfully delivered 60 AQUA TURBO high speed surface aerators, type AER-AS.

 aquaturbosystems logistics 1aquaturbosystems logistics 2


aquaturbosystems logistics 3These units have been installed in one of the biggest paper mils in Indonesia.
These aerators have been selected in order to replace existing aspirator type aerators because of their better efficiency and cooling capacity.

The project has been divided into two batches:
Batch one, 25 x AER-AS 22kW - 1500rpm and 3 x AER-AS 18.5kW - 1500rpm
Batch two, 32 x AER-AS 37kW - 1500rpm with extended cone-cross
For this project, we set up a production line with continuous flow throughout our workshop and test facility.

The goods have been  stuffed into containers and shipped through the Antwerp harbor.  This has all been handled by our partner, DEUFOL, a global packaging & logistics company.

For batch one, DEUFOL used 4 x 40ft + 1 x 20ft dry van containers; for batch two, they used 4 x 40ft high cube containers and 4 x 40ft dry van containers.

In order to further assist our customer, one of our engineers visited the site two times to supervise the installation.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with GRENKE, a German based financial institution. This collaboration will allow us to further develop our Long Term Renting business in 31 countries worldwide.

So far we were only present in the Short Term Rental activity, which has been very successful for many years.

Renting, short term as well as Long Term, can be a solution for different reasons such as :
- Urgent need for supplementary aeration capacity ;
- More efficient usage of financial resources ;
- Reducing a number of operational troubles (warranty, repair and maintenance, …)

The flyer attached to this document will give more detailed information on this business model.

In our continuous search for improvement and continuity of the company, we recently started testing with Bauer IP 68 submersible gearboxes.

aquaturbosystems engineering 2aquaturbosystems engineering 3

aquaturbosystems engineering 1The 7,5kW motor and gearbox are installed on our submersible AER-GS test unit and will run for several months in our test basin.
After the test period, the gearbox will be analysed to identify possible weaknesses and enable improvements before using these drives on actual projects.
Once approved, AQUA TURBO SYSTEMS will have an additional supplier of these IP68 geared motors, giving us better options for technical selection, price negotiations and delivery times.
These submersible gearboxes are used on our submersible AER-GS aerators and MIX-GS Mixers where high aeration and mixing efficiencies can be obtained.

Aquasystems will participate to the IFAT exhibition in Munich, Germany (14-18/05/2018).

 aquaturbosystems ifat 2018

We will be glad to welcome you at our booth A1.510. In case you intend to visit us in order to discuss some topics which might take some time, we invite you to make an appointment, just to make sure that will be available for you.
Our sales and engineering team will be present
Whenever you would be interested to represent our products and or services in your region and if this doesn’t perturbate any existing collaboration with any agent and/or distributor, we can discuss any potential collaboration at our booth.
For any answer to the organisation of the IFAT event, please consult the following link https://www.ifat.de/index-2.html.