Aquasystems International Sales meeting 09-10 May 2019

Aqua meeting mei2019

Aquasystems organized a sales meeting for its agents and distributors. An international team representing our agents and distributors in Europe and Asia was present. Our Latin-American colleague was there as well.

A thorough product presentation, an intense interactivity and 2 interesting group activities made this seminar a fruitful and successful gathering.

The objective of this meeting was to highlight the interesting product portfolio our group has, to explain which innovations can be expected for the near future and to share the past experiences our network had with the sale of the Aqua Turbo product range.

Thanks again to all our representatives who were present for their contribution and positive mindset. We agreed to share other professional experiences again during our next sales meeting.

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Time Lapse production AER-GD 3D printing

Timelapse on how 3D-printing is helping us improving our products.

This movie is the result of the continuous efforts made by our R&D team in the search for the optimal design for this impeller.

This impeller is designed for fixed mounting or to be mounted on floats.

Ideal for oxidation ditches
Activated-sludge systems with baffles
Aerobic digestion processes
Unscreened plants

1.1 - 160kW
40 - 130rpm, geared drive
4 + 6 Blade, LH + RH impellers
Epoxy coated MS or SS options

High oxygen transfer
Intensive mixing
Easy access
Robust design

Fixed bridge/platform mount only
Vertical operation only
Surface drive
Fixed or minimal WL variation

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BAUER Geared Motor for AER-GS

aquaturbo bauer

Aqua Turbo Systems Group is proud to announce that it successfully delivered its first AER-GS with a BAUER submersible Gearbox (
After intensive testing of the first prototypes we are ready to commercialize these new submersible gearboxes.

The picture shows a 5,5 kW unit. This type of motor will be offered for all our Submersible Aerators ranging from 1,1 kW till 30kW.
The motors are IP68 rated and have the following characteristics:

  • Continuous operation
  • High energy saving
  • Designed for permanent submersible operation
  • High reliability
  • Simple maintenance
  • Special sealing flange incl. leakage sensor
  • Power cable easy to replace

The submersible AER-GS is a low speed submersible bottom aerator that consists of a heavy-duty submersible gearbox with a top mounted submersible electrical motor. This gearbox is mounted on a support structure that allows the unit to stand on the floor.

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