Training Technicians

Aquasystems nws tecnicians

On June 11, 2019 we gave our first training for technicians from a distributor.

The technicians first received a short general and theoretical training about our products. Then we discussed the installation of our floating surface aerator AER-AS.
The various installation options, including mooring cables, guiding tubes and hinged arms, were explained in detail.

Important points of attention were mentioned for each of these installation methods, which aim at a smooth and correct installation. Moreover, we also provided explanations about the different options of the AER-AS, including when to use which option.

In the afternoon there was also a practical part where our technicians demonstrated the assembly and disassembly of an AER-AS.
The aerators were also placed in our test basin, electrically connected and started up.

The AER-SB submersible aerator was also dismantled, reassembled and finally placed in the basin for testing.

After the training, we were able to issue our first certificates.

For the future, we intend to offer this training to our partners, so that they can guarantee a good and smooth assembly to their end customers.



BRIGI HI-TEC - Supplier for polyester components

aquaturbo brigi hitec 1

BRIGI HI-TEC is our main supplier for polyester components.

We use polyester for our cover for our entire range of floating aerators type AER-AS ( 1.1 kw up to 200kw) and the cover for our ADMC unts ( type 150-300-800-1500).

Polyester is a light and strong material and this is the reason why we use it for both applications.

Brigi hi-tec was founded around 1970 as a start-up of 2 persons. In the beginning the Company made polyester mobilhomes.

Because Jean-Pierre Borrele was a good surfer, he used his knowledge to manufacture polyester to build his own surf board and sold many of them.

One of his most special designs is the manufacturing of a large arch for the stage of the well-known festival ‘Tomorrowland’.

Jean-Pierre Borrele has the age to go on retiremenet but he is so motivated that he still wants to continue with his passion of manufacturing polyester parts.

in July we installed a cover for a floating aerator 90 kw at a customer in France

Here under you can see some photos of the assembling, handling and installation of the cover.


aquaturbo brigi hitec 2   aquaturbo brigi hitec 3

Aqua Turbo Systems Group Financials 2018

aquasystems financials2018


End of May, the accounts FY 2018 have been approved by our Shareholders. The financial year was closed with an excellent result.

We achieved a 13% increase in turnover on a consolidated basis. Geographically as well as in terms of customers and products, the distribution of the sales remained relatively stable compared to 2017.
Thanks to the efforts of a team of ca. 40 associates we reached the target for gross margin and operational expenses.

2018 was characterized by a complete rebranding of our corporate identity. This can be noticed in terms of logo, house style, website, newsletter etc..

The main commercial product remains our AQUA TURBO® surface aerator « AER-AS ». The other products from our product portfolio hold their level of business, even despite the competition which is very often strongly present locally in the various areas world-wide.
The operational profitability per product has also been improved or stabilized.

Developments of new products are in the pipeline and will gradually become available in 2019.

The HR focus was mainly on motivation and training of our employees, a trend that we want to continue in 2019 and the following years.
We spent 4 times more time on training than in the previous years. Good training of people is reflected in efficiency on the work floor.

Motivation can be obtained as well by focussing on the well-being at work.
This is done by involving associates in events such as internal and external meetings and exhibitions, offer of fitness subscriptions, fruit at work, etc.