Aqua Turbo® Remote Rental Fleet

Aquaturbo news remote rental fleet

The rental activity has always been an important business for Aquasystems. Up till now the rental equipment was based at Aquasystems in Halle, Belgium. The advantage of this organization consists of maintaining a permanent high level of quality in terms of having “clean” and trustworthy equipment.

Yes, indeed, every equipment is thoroughly inspected and repaired whenever necessary, after having been rented to a customer wherever in Europe. The way we’ve been organizing this activity from a central point of view has also disadvantages especially from a logistic perspective.

We now want to combine both advantages of such short- and long-term rental business throughout Europe and elsewhere, meaning short delivery terms while ensuring high quality and reliable equipment. Therefor Aquasystems invests in a larger rental fleet and decided to have this fleet based in remote locations with its local agents. These agents are well trained in order to repair and maintain this high value equipment.

 You can consult the rental fleet availability online on our website. More than 110 machines are at your disposition for rental purposes.

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This rental business has different advantages for our customers such as:

  • Testing equipment before buying
  • Renting classifies under OPEX instead of CAPEX
  • No worries about maintenance, obsolescence, write-offs, warehousing issues, …
  • Always the perfect match between the size of the equipment and the need for aeration in situ
  • Quicker availability of a rental equipment versus time to manufacture a new unit
  • Solution for urgent aeration and/or mixing needs


Aquasystems recently started deploying this remote rental fleet program by sending the first units to our representative, WATERIX in Finland (see pictures). This delivery includes different surface aerators type AER-AS, one mixer type MIX-SL and 2 submersible aerators type AER-SB. The local presence of our products will enhance the commercial activity of Aqua Turbo® in Finland and Sweden.


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