General product information

Industrial mixers, part of the wastewater treatment process.

In many steps of the wastewater treatment process, it is important to obtain a good mixing of the entire basin volume. This can be to improve the interaction between the micro organisms and the water with its chemical components, mixing with chemicals or to simply prevent settling of solids on the tank floor.

Where is Mixing used?

A mixer can be used in most parts of the wastewater treatment process:

  • In buffer tanks,
  • contact basins,
  • Aeration tanks to assist the aeration,
  • denitrification tanks,
  • sludge tanks,
  • and many more…

Mixer Wastewater Treatment, our methods:

Downdraft floating mixers

The MIX-AS is a High speed mixer that is built as a floating mixer for wastewater applications.
The motor that operates most commonly at 1000 or 1500RPM is installed on top of a float and drives the SCREWPELLER®. This floating mixer is very easy to install and requires very little maintenance.
The SCREWPELLER® of the MIX-AS is designed for a down draft flow with good performance results and 100% rag free design.

The MIX-BS is also a High-speed mixer that operates comparable to the MIX-AS but the motor is integrated in the float to protect it against foam.

Submersible directional mixers

The MIX-SL submersible Mixer is also a High-speed mixer that can be installed fixed on a guide rail or below a float to create a floating directional mixer.

The MIX-SL consists of a submersible Motor, which directly drives the unique AQUA TURBO® SCREWPELLER®.
Aquasystems as submersible mixer manufacturer also provides a related product, the AER-SL which is a submersible Aerator Mixer

Submersible low speed mixer

The submersible MIX-GS is a low speed mixer with a very high mixing efficiency. This low-speed Bottom mixer generally consists of a heavy-duty submersible gearbox with a top mounted submersible electrical motor. This gearbox is mounted on a support structure that allows the unit to stand on the floor. On to the outgoing shaft of the Gearbox, a conical shaped impeller equipped with mixing flaps.

The MIX-GS can also be built with a dry mounted motor gearbox and a long shaft that drives the conical shaped impeller of this submersible agitator. This fixed mixer can also be used in industrial applications The low-speed mixer has a high efficiency but also a higher investment cost.