General product information

The MIX-AS can either be supplied with a single speed, or with a dual speed motor. The single speeds are generally either 1500 rpm, or 1000 rpm; the dual speeds would be 1500/1000 rpm.

The SCREWPELLER® of the MIX-AS is designed for a down draft flow. Therefore, one should verify the rotational direction prior to putting the unit into service, to allow for the highest mixing effect and to avoid damage to the unit.

The Float is designed to support the weight of the unit in the water, not to support the additional weight of a person. Therefore, it is forbidden to stand on the Float when the unit is installed in the basin.

The submersible MIX-GS generally consists of a heavy duty submersible gearbox with a top mounted submersible electrical motor. This gearbox is mounted on a support structure that allows the unit to stand on the floor. On to the outgoing shaft of the Gearbox, a conical shaped impeller equipped with mixing flaps is fixed by means of a flange connection.

The support construction is mounted on to a ballast that is usually a coated steel plate or a concrete block. To this support construction, A lifting system is fixed that allows a single point lifting of the assembled unit.

The MIX-SL submersible Mixer consists of a submersible Motor, which directly drives the unique AQUA TURBO® SCREWPELLER®. The unit is generally mounted on a Sledge, which can slide along a Vertical Guiding Post and be positioned on the desired immersion depth.