Who are we ?

The Group Aqua Turbo Systems consists of 2 legal entities. Aquasystems International NV, is a registered company incorporated in Belgium. It owns a 100% subsidiary, Aquaturbo Systems Inc., Arkansas, USA

The corporate headquarters is based in Halle, Belgium with manufacturing plants at Halle and also Springdale, Arkansas, USA.
The company operates a branch office in the UK and supports a network of international agents and representatives in all major markets.

Founded by Mr. Johny Haegeman in 1975, 2018 marks a milestone for Aquasystems International N.V. celebrating 43-years of innovation and international success. The flagship AQUA TURBO® Model AER-AS Surface Aerator, with its worldwide patented SCREWPELLER® technology, commenced manufacture in 1984 and is now internationally regarded as the market leader.
The Belgium and USA manufacturing plants have comprehensive R&D and test facilities each featuring 300m³ and 1,200m³ test tanks. Every item manufactured undergoes a series of extensive test procedures prior to delivery. The company has gained worldwide recognition by producing simple, well-designed products of the highest quality, which provide proven results, longevity and low maintenance operation.

History, Profile and product evolution

John HAEGEMAN is the founder of the company and inventor of the AQUA TURBO™ equipment.
In 1975 he started his own company AQUASYSTEMS BVBA and operated as distributor for foreign equipment manufacturers for BELGIUM.

In 1980 John invented an efficient direct drive surface aerator and patent applications were entered in BELGIUM and in 1981 in different countries in the world.
All of them have been granted and the trademark AQUA TURBO™ has been internationally registered.

In 1984 commercialisation was started and in 1985 AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV was founded for manufacturing and world‐wide sales of the AQUA TURBO™ direct drive surface aerator and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants in the BENELUX.
AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV built its own unique outdoor test facility in HALLE, BELGIUM next to the manufacturing area involving 2 concrete basins of 16 x 16 m and 8 x 8 m both 4,55 m deep, overhead crane for 5 Ton and 9 m high, electric balancing stand and all instrumentation such as several oxygen meters, energy analysers, compubalance, etc....

In 1987 AQUATURBO SYSTEMS, INC. USA was started in Libertyville, Illinois and continued in St. Petersburg, Florida. A local workshop manufactured the stainless steel parts in subcontracting and an organisation of representatives was put in place over most of the U.S.A., CANADA and PUERTO RICO.
During 2,5 years AQUA TURBO™ caught the USA Market’s attention and became known as the new generation surface aerators equipped with the unique SCREWPELLER™.

In 1990, AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV. became the industrial partner of the Metropole of IZMIR, TURKEY, as a shareholder in the Company IZBELCOM AS.

At the end of 1995, AQUATURBO SYSTEMS, INC. built its own plant, completely with workshop, offices and test facility, (same as in Belgium), in Springdale, Arkansas U.S.A, to manufacture and sell all AQUA TURBO™ products in CANADA, U.S.A., MEXICO, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA and NEW‐ZEALAND. This new plant is operational since April 1996.
The AQUA TURBO™ showed a very high quality design so that it became the only direct drive surface aerator in the world offered in sizes up to 200 kW (270 HP) where the former generation aerators stops at 75 kW (100 HP) with sporadic 110 kW (150 HP) upon request. These advantages result in lower operating cost for waste water treatment plants as well in energy consumption as in maintenance and repair costs.

Further developments covered by international patents followed, thanks to intensive R&D such as :

  • the downdraft mixer and the unique idea of a combined aerator/mixer with two floats. This invention finds its major application in activated sludge systems with nitrification/denitrification for nitrogen removal.
  • the completely enclosed AQUA TURBO® downdraft mixer, with motor in the float.
  • improved designs for the SCREWPELLER®
  • a unique combination of surface aerator with an attached submersible mixer.
  • mechanically closed AQUA DECANT™
  • Floatables Re‐Entrainment Device : FRED
  • Submersible mixer

Thanks to the continuous increase in sales of the AQUA TURBO® product line, the Company decided to put all its efforts on the manufacturing and international sales of these products and to stop the construction of industrial waste water treatment plants. As a result, important engineering and contracting companies decided to include AQUA TURBO® equipment in their projects as preferred equipment. All these actions are creating the ingredients for a long term successful business based on a substantial advance in technology compared to the competition with prior art designs.
The group AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV / AQUATURBO SYSTEMS INC., with its two supply sources Halle/BELGIUM and Springdale/ARKANSAS ‐ U.S.A., is one of the most efficiently equipped and reliable supplier of surface aeration and mixing equipment for waste water treatment in the world today and has an ambitious program to extend the product line into bottom aeration and mixing and diffused air.

The group is managed by a professional management team with many years of experience in the environmental industry, with Marketing and Sales, Production, Engineering and R&D and in Administration and Finance.
The Engineering and R&D team is continuously working on the further extension of the AQUA TURBO® product line to support the groups strategy of becoming a major world player in aeration, mixing and decanting for water and waste water.

In 1999 the AQUA TURBO™ product line was extended with a submersible aerator, also using the unique SCREWPELLE® and a low speed surface aerator and decanters AQUA DECANT™ for SBR type activated sludge plants, open and a patented mechanically closed one. Furthermore a floating cover has been designed for the surface aerator.
Besides our Belgian headquarters, US subsidiary and our UK Office, our Sales organisation is supported by a large number of distributors and agents in many countries in the world.

The actual product range, commercialised world‐wide by Aquasystems can be summarised as follows :

The company’s world‐wide success can be summed as following :

  • The products very high efficiency ‐ price ratio. The products are very efficient resulting in one of the lowest energy consumption in field conditions.
  • The aerators are available up to sizes of 200 kW while the competition stops at 75 kW /occasionally 110 kW, due to vibration problems.
  • The products very high quality ‐ price ratio resulting in hight life‐duration and  low maintenance cost.
  • The simplicity and flexibility in installation and operation.
  • An impressive reference list of 11.720 units installed all over the world in all possible applications.

Management team

The Management Team of the Group Aqua Turbo Systems consists of:

 Vincent Midy CEO
Vincent Midy
 Ivan Longueville General Manager
Aquaturbo Systems Inc.
Ivan Longueville
 Tijl Beets Manager Product Development & Engineering
Tijl Beets
 marius van belle Manager Finance & HR
Marius Van Belle
elke lemmens  Manager Operations
Elke Lemmens