At your service during COVID19



Recently Aquasystems was asked to service equipment installed at a French customer. This seems a normal task in normal times, but these days we don’t face normal times.

Provided with the necessary admission documents and personal protective equipment, 2 colleagues went to the customer site in order to replace a defective engine on an AQUA TURBO® AER-AS 2200-24.
While the unit was still installed in the basin, the power section was removed and brought to the side using a boat and a crane. The motor and impeller were dismounted from the power section.

First, the spare motor was installed on the customers flange support and then the impeller. Once installed, the power section was checked for correct assembly, it was reinstalled in the float and the motor was electrically connected.

As a last check, the direction of rotation of the impeller was tested and the current consumption of the motor was measured.


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