Aquasystems International nv STER project France


After a long study in which of course the oxygen calculation was discussed, we made additional noise and temperature calculations to meet the specific requirements of this customer.

AQUASYSTEMS is proud to have been awarded the STER project in France.

This project includes different AQUA TURBO® equipment:

Both the float of the AQUA TURBO® AER-AS units and the impeller of the AQUA TURBO® AER-GS units have a diameter of 2,5 to 3m which gave us a challenge to find the most economical and safe way to transport these units to France.

To avoid the cost of exceptional transport, AQUASYSTEMS used transport supports. The units have been dismantled and the floats and impellers have been securely fixed to these transport supports. One of our technicians worked with a local team for one week and left the newly built basins on site with all the equipment installed.

The photos clearly illustrate that even in difficult circumstances Aquasystems gets the job done.

In case you would need more info, please consult AER-AS, AER-GS or MIX-GS products, or send your request.