8 Aqua Turbo® Floating FRP Covers

Installed at Various UK Waste Water Plants


Aerator Floating Covers

Several major UK Water Companies including Severn Trent, Thames Water and Scottish Water have installed Floating Covers over Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators as part of major refurbishment as part of the AMP 5 & 6 programme.

The main projects involved the installing Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators to reduce either plant noise or odour from the local works in their particular location near to housing or local communities.

The advantage of the Floating Covers is that they can be installed without having to remove the exiting aerators or stop the plant operating.

Work Carried out

Aquasystems International NV have provided AER-AS Aqua Turbo® Floating Covers for Aqua Turbo® aerators up to 75kW in size and they have been a significant success over the past 10 years. The units are delivered in sections and assembled on site.
They are designed allow the spray to be unrestricted and kept within the cover periphery.
Air is drawn though the centre of the Floating cover allowing Oxygen to be transferred into the water without restricting the performance of the Aqua Turbo® Aerators.


Over 70 Floating Covers have been installed in the UK over the past 6 to 7 years on various UK ASP Plants where Floating Aerators have been used to support the existing activated sludge plant.
Odour, Noise and minor aerosols are reduced significantly by the Aqua Turbo® Covers.

Spokesman from several water companies are extremely pleased with the performance of Aqua Turbo® Floating Covers and Aerators provided by Aquasystems International NV.