Mogden Sewage works

Production and installation


Recently, Aquasystems delivered the first 8 of 14 floating AER-SL 2200-24 units for installation in the Mogden Sewage works to oxygenate the treated effluent water before it is sent to the river Thames.

For this project we had to customize the entire unit to make it fit and enable the safe installation. These units will be installed in a closed culvert trough access opening in the roof. The floating system, guiding system, lifting system and cable guide were specifically designed for this application.

The design of each item was specifically focussed on safety during installation and maintenance of the equipment. The aerators will be operated in summertime when the DO levels in the effluent water are low.

During the design, Aquasystems also performed oxygen calculations to define the required power to increase the DO levels to the requested minimum values in different load conditions.


View on the custom design of the lifting system and cable guide

Aquaturbo Mogden 1



Typical section of the culvert with 2 units installed

Aquaturbo Mogden 2 2