Yorkshire Water Lower Brighouse STW

Hire of 8 Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators



Recently a major refurbishment was carried out by Yorkshire Water at the Lower Brighouse STW works, as part of the AMP 6 programme.
The main project involved the refurbishment of eight of the existing aeration lanes. This required the complete closure of each lane for diffuser cleaning or replacement.
As the work was to take place over a number of years, the operating aeration lanes required additional oxygen in order to cope with the works’ flow.

Work Carried out

Aquasystems International NV initially provided 8 x 55kW AER-AS Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators from their extensive hire fleet. The 8 units were installed together with Electrical Control Panels and cabling all provided by Aquasystems.


The aerators have been used to support the existing activated sludge plant and the units have been run almost continuously to enhance the existing plant. Additionally, the amount of oxygen provided by the aerators ensured that de-nitrification was minimised, thus reducing the risk of rising sludge in the settlement tanks.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water commented that all parties involved are extremely pleased with the performance of Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators during this extensive refurbishment programme at The Lower Brighouse Sewage Treatment works. The works has met its consent due to the additional aeration capacity provided by Aquasystems International NV.