Recently we installed a floating cover for an aerator type AER-AS 9000-16 in France.

This cover has 15 separate floating segments. Each segment is filled with a two-component foam. (photo 1)
This foam has a high density to prevent water from entering the floating part of the cover.

To transport these 15 segments to France, we used an open trailer. (photo 2)

Before installing the cover in the basin, the 15 segments are laid out in a circle. You need a free space of at least 15m diameter to do this. (photo 3)
To facilitate the assembly of the 15 segments with bolts and nuts, we slightly lift-up all segments using a crane.

After assembly, we use the crane to lift-up the whole cover and carefully lower it into the basin on top of the aerator. (photos 4, 5 en 6)

We have already supplied polyester covers throughout the world, such as in New-Zealand, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, …. (photo 7)