Rio Paila




Sugar Cane Factory in Colombia named Rio Paila Castilla located in the Valle del Cauca has a lagoon with a recirculation process. This lagoon collects all the water from the factory and wants to improve the water quality with aeration.

Part of the treated water returns to the process and part goes to the river.



The lagoon dimensions are 262m x 208m and has an oxygenation and decantation process.

The average flow for the aerated lagoon it´s 400 L/S and Aquaturbo was favored to supply 5 floating aerators of 18.5kW to substitute old aerators with low quality performance.
This lagoon has 10 aerators from our competition and we have replaced these aerators by 5 Aquaturbo due to low performance and failures.

The idea is that in the near future, Aquaturbo will supply the other 5 aerators as well.


Products Supplied

Aquaturbo Systems supplied: 5 floating aerators series AER-AS (18.5kW)