ATEX 11 kW aerator

Repair & rental solution

Pharmaceutical site in Maine & Loire.


Aquasystems International NV received an intervention request for the on-site expertise of an 11 kW AER-AS AQUA TURBO® high speed aerator.

In collaboration with a partner it was decided to take the unit out of the basin to allow further investigation. It soon appeared that a solid foreign object had been sucked into the aerator, damaging the SCREWPELLER® and the motor support.


AQUASYSTEMS’ Solutions :

Given the importance of repairs, AQUASYSTEMS proposed to transport the aerator to its workshop in Halle, to facilitate the repair under the best conditions. All repaired units are tested in our test basin, on our test bench to check and balance the unit as if it were a new one.

At the same time, and to ensure that the plant remained fully operational, AQUASYSTEMS proposed a solution of advantageous renting in conformity with the determined ATEX risk at this place of the site, so a submerged aerator, which was available in our vast rental park.

This global solution was to the customer’s full satisfaction and he took us up on our offer. After one month, the repaired aerator was returned to the basin and resumed its service as before.