Scottish Water Stirling STWInstall 4 x 15kW Aqua Turbo AER-SL Floating Aerators

Stirling is a city in central Scotland. At the heart of its old town, medieval Stirling Castle is on a craggy volcanic rock and looks down over the surrounding area from its high position. On the Abbey Craig outcrop, the National Wallace Monument is a 19th-century tower. It overlooks the site of the 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge, where William Wallace defeated the English. The Battle of Bannockburn Experience has interactive 3D displays on the history of the 1314 conflict.

Scottish Water’s Treatment plant for the City requires increased Treatment in the Summer Months mainly due to increased productivity of local business’s and also population growth due to visitors and tourists.

Aquasystems International were contacted by Scottish Water in 2017 to enquire about installing Floating Aerators and a number of the 15kW AER-AS units were hired for the summer of that year.

Planning by Scottish Water allowed for Capital to purchase 4 Aqua Turbo AER-SL units which are ideal for producing not only flow but also induce Oxygen into the waste water.

The 15kW Aspirators were installed in each lane of the Oxidation Ditches on the Sterling STW treatment plant in the autumn of 2018 and have worked efficiently since.

A spokesman for Scottish Water complimented Aquasystems International NV for their fine workmanship and the ease of installation and commissioning. The Works meets its increased demands by using the additional Aqua Turbo Aspirators during the peak summer periods and also has allowed for ongoing maintenance of the existing rotors during the winter months.

The works has met its consent due to the additional aeration capacity provided by Aquasystems International NV.