Case Study Kekén (MÉXICO)

Kekén is currently the leading exporter of pork in Mexico, serving USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and it is expected that in the very short term it will begin marketing to China and Cuba.

For this reason, Kekén decided to expand its infrastructure by building a new Slaughter house in the town of Sahé, Yucatán México that will process 2.5 million heads of pig per year which represents the largest capacity in the country.

For the WWTP Aquaturbo was favored to supply all the aeration equipment and the mixers to support the biological treatment (in anoxic lagoons + aeration + recirculation) and sludge treatment. The WWTP treat a flow of 4060m3/day and organic load of 24500kg COD/day.

The area of Yucatán is a warm territory so installing floating surface aerators help to reduce the temperature of the water and enhance the biological process.

Products Supplied
Aquaturbo Systems supplied:

  • 6 floating aerators series AER-AS (75kW)
  • 2 floating aerators series AER-AS (37kW)
  • 5 floating aerators series AER-AS (15kW)
  • 4 floating mixers series MIX-AS (7.5kW)