SEMASA ITAJÍ: Low speed conical bottom mixers (MIX-GS) for homogenization and denitrification tanks

End user:
SEMASA is the department of water and sewer of the City of Itajaí in Santa Catarina,  Brasil and the entity is responsible for the distribution of water and sanitary sewage in the city.  SEMASA is responsible for the water quality for more than 200 thousand residents of Itajaí.

Product usage
2 mixers (MIX-GS 0300) for denitrification tank

  • 3.0kW
  • 34.2rpm
  • Impeller ∅: 1500mm

2 mixers (MIX-GS 0220) for homogenization tank

  • 2.2kW
  • 34.2rpm
  • Impeller ∅: 1500mm

For this application, the company opted for the bottom slow speed conical mixer MIX-GS from Aqua Turbo. This technology is ideal for aeration, mixing or combined operation in municipal or industrial effluents. It provides an intensive and homogeneous mixing in denitrification or equalization tanks, avoiding "dead spots" and sedimentation of solids.
The end user is very satisfied with the performance of the equipment.  SEMASA was so satisfied for the mixers performance that after 2 months of starting and testing the equipment, the customer placed another order of 4 units for the other phase of his project.

SEMASA commented that the all parties involved are very satisfied with the performance of Aqua Turbo MIX-GS mixer.  The reasons mentioned by a spokesman inside SEMASA for which they are well satisfied are:

  • Low power consumption and low noise level
  • Extensive mixer
  • Robust construction in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel and carbon steel with anticorrosive paint.