Refurbishment of an industrial waste water treatment plant South Vendée, France

Aquasystems International NV received an inquiry from a large dairy in the south Vendée for the treatment of its wastewater. After many technical discussions on the feasibility of the project, the order was placed.

The context
The project consisted in extending and refurbishing the existing waste water treatment plant, which had become obsolete, whilst ensuring operational continuity. The treatment plant comprises several clay lagoons in more or less good condition.

The challenge
The challenge lay in implanting MIX-AS units with anti-erosion cones (vertical floating surface mixer) in the middle of a lagoon already in water, without the possibility of craning. To do this, the engineering team of Aquasystems International NV has devised and designed a floating device (see below) able to "carry" its anti-erosion cone to its final position. Once in place, the cone slides along its guide bars to "sink" into the bottom of the pond. Once on the ground, the cone was no longer prone to be destroyed by the current.