AQUAFIN 2 x MIX-GS 0300-24

This Summer, Aquasystems supervised the installation of and delivered 2 x MIX-GS 0300-24 (3kW) units for AQUAFIN N.V. in Belgium. The project was sold to Engie/Fabricom who won this project as contractor for Aquafin. The mixers are used for the expansion of the anoxic zone at the RWZI EKE.
The MIX-GS is the most efficient mixer in the AQUA TURBO® product range. Due to it’s low RPM and impeller position close to the basin floor, important energy savings can be obtained.

Each of our MIX-GS units is fully designed in 3D and the drawings are checked with the contractor before production.
During the installation this summer, an engineer from Aquasystems was on site to supervise the successful installation of the equipment.