Food business

The plant suffered from a high FAT and OIL content in the wastewater.

Products supplied
End of May 2018, Aquasystems successfully installed 2 Aqua Turbo FRED mixers of 3kW in the new Equalization Tanks of customer in the Food business situated in Lummen, Belgium.

Key benefits
It is envisaged that once operational, the FRED units will mix the entire basin volume and will re-entrain the Fat and Grease layer that will accumulate on the surface.
Without the FRED, the Floatables would stay in the tank where the layer thickness on the top liquid surface would increase over a period of time.
To make this work, there was an on going discussions between the tank manufacturer, the customer and Aquasystems International NV to ensure the optimum position of the guiding tube fixings that had to be integrated in the FRP tank floor.
The precision of the welded guiding tube construction and the guides on the mixer floats were key for the successful implementation of this project as there was only 10mm of clearance on the guiding system.