Paper mill in the USA

A paper mill in the USA wanted to replace broken surface aerators in two of their ponds. They considered Aqua Turbo aerators as an alternative to their existing aerators from another supplier.

Products supplied
Aquaturbo Systems Inc. supplied ten 37 kW series AER-AS floating surface aerators for one pond, and eight 37 kW AER-AS aerators for the other pond.

Key benefits
The paper mill liked the energy savings offered by the Aqua Turbo configuration compared to their existing system.
The customer also appreciated the relatively flat spray pattern of the Aqua Turbo aerator. This helped to alleviate their concerns about water and sludge from the spray corroding the motor.

The paper mill has been pleased with the performance of their Aqua Turbo aerators. They are planning to purchase two more aerators for another smaller pond elsewhere at the mill.