Smurfit Kappa Kent UK

The Snodland Works of Smurfit Kappa was completely rebuilt commencing in 2014/5 and taking over a year to construct. The project involved a complete new paper mill, which would result in additional effluent being fed to the wastewater treatment works.

Products supplied
As part of the lagoon refurbishment, Aquasystems International NV supplied ten 22kW Aqua Turbo® AER-AS floating aerators for the works.

Key benefits
Smurfit Kappa had previously purchased Aqua Turbo® AER-AS floating aerators and mixers for several of its plants worldwide, and were very impressed with their overall performance, especially with regard to oxygen transfer and mixing efficiencies.
Another advantage of the Aqua Turbo® AER-AS floating aerator is in applications where the wastewater has a high temperature, since the surface spray pattern assists the biological process by lowering the overall temperature of the liquid.

A spokesman for Smurfit Kappa said, "all parties involved are extremely pleased with the performance of Aqua Turbo® floating aerators during this extensive refurbishment programme at the Snodland Kent UK works. The works has met its consent due to the additional aeration capacity provided by Aquasystems International NV."