Rochdale WwTW

United Utilities - Rochdale WwTW - Purchase of 10 Aqua Turbo Submersible Mixers following successful trialsin one of the Rochdale WwTW Anoxic Zones”

A major testing regime was carried out at Rochdale WwTW by the United Utilities Innovation Group using various Submersible Mixers.

The plant currently operates 10 x 5.85kW Conventional Submersible Screw Type propeller mixers but by trialling an Aqua Turbo MIX-GS unit for a number of months client reported a significant power usage with the Aqua Turbo Mixer.

The trial entailed measurement at various levels of the solids in the anoxic zones and also in various positions in each zone. The Aqua Turbo MIX-GS was consistent with equal comprehensive mixing in all areas of the tank and water depth. The major Advantage was that the MIX-GS only used 1.1kW of energy compared with the existing which used 5.85kW per zone and others which used
3.8kW on average energy use.

As part of the scheme Aquasystems International NV’s have now been awarded an order to replace all 10 existing 5.85kW Spiral Mixers with 10 x 1.1kW Submersible MIX-GS units. Several major reason for selecting the Aqua Turbo are that it does not rag up compared with other mixers, operates at a much lower speed with significant energy savings and requires minimal maintenance.

The Rochdale Waste Water Treatment works treats effluent from the local City and the expected payback on investment is less than 12months.

A spokesman for United Utilities commented that the all parties involved are extremely impressed with the performance of Aqua Turbo Submersible MIX-GS unit during this extensive trial by the innovation group at The Rochdale works.