AER-GS - Submersible aerator - 5 kW.


Aquasystems recently delivered 3 submersible bottom aerators type AER-GS, 5 kW to a Belgian customer. These aerators will be part of a larger implementation plan which consists of 13 aerators in total. The first aerators of this type for this customer have been installed in 2015.

The AER-GS is a low speed aerator which can be manufactured in three different models. A submersible bottom aerator (cf. picture), a fixed-bridge aerator and finally a tower-based aerator. The first one has a short shaft, the other two have a long shaft which can have a length of more than 8 m.

The power of these different models ranges from 1,1 kW till 30 kW. Aeration is done by blowing air by means of an air compressor. The rotating disk will then diffuse the air over the bottom of the aeration basin. The number of revolutions of this disk can vary from 10 till 42 rpm. The size of the disk can range from 1,5 m till 2,5 m. The disks are made from Stainless Steel AISI 304 or 316. The framework is made out of coated steel.

The rotating disk assures a continues aeration and mixing. When aeration is stopped, mixing can still continue.

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