2 x 5.5kW Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators TYPE AER-AS For Cooling Duty.



In early 2019 Aquasystems were contacted by A Preston Pet Foods manufacturer with regard to Treatment of their waste water at the local Works. The treatment process included the waste water from the plant being fed to two tanks which are currently aerated by diffuser systems.
However the diffuser systems increase the temperature of the waste water and to enable more effective processing Aquasystems recommended 2 x 5.5kW Floating Surface Aerators to reduce the temperature of the water and enhance the Biological Process.

Work done

Aquasystems International NV provided 2 x 5.5kW Aqua Turbo® Floating Aerators TYPE AER-AS from their extensive range of Aerators, Mixers and Decanters. The two units were installed towards the end of 2019 together with starters and cabling. The aerators were installed in situ and commissioned within a few days without any disruption to the existing plant.


The aerators have been used to support the existing activated sludge plant and the units have been run continuously to enhance the existing plant. Additionally, there is a benefit from significant temperature reduction in the order of 10 to 15 degrees C and the overall performance improvement was obtained.

More units have now been purchased for the new plant.

A Spokesman for the Company commented that the “all parties involved are extremely pleased with the performance of Aqua Turbo Floating Aerators at the companies Preston works. The works has met its consent due to the additional aeration capacity provided by Aquasystems International NV”.

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