In mid-2018 Aquasystems were contacted by CF Stead Ltd who operate a large Tannery in Leeds West Yorkshire.
The client had a problem with scum collecting on the surface of the wastewater tank following processing and this needed to be re-mixed with the waste to allow effective treatment. This scum was over 100mm thick and formed a crust in the surface of the tank.

Work done

Aquasystems International NV provided 1 x 2.2kW Aqua Turbo®  Floating TYPE FRED Unit (Floating Re Entrainment Device) and once the impeller size had been corrected the unit mixed all the surface scum into the tank to produce a uniform slurry ready for the next filtration stage.

The Aqua Turbo®  FRED Unit draws the sludge to the centre of the tank and a specially designed impeller caused the material to flow down below the surface.


The Aqua Turbo®  FRED Unit has run continuously without any maintenance required for the past 2 years and client is extremely pleased with its performance and general operation.
All the surface scum is removed, and it does not reform due to the specific design features of the Aqua Turbo®  Mixer Shaft.

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