United Utilities - Horwich WwTW

Purchase of 8 Aqua Turbo® Submersible Mixers by J R Bentley Construction Ltd


Aquasystems International NV received an enquiry to investigate mixing of a large existing Tank at Horwich WwTW as part of the upgrading of the Works to meet increased levels of treatment in AMP 6.
The purpose of the mixers was to allow the works to improve the process regarding nitrification.

The sub-contract was for 8 x 2.2kW Submersible Mixers type Aqua Turbo® MIX-GS units and this also included installation and commissioning and was awarded by J R Bentley Ltd to Aquasystems in 2017.

Several major reasons for selecting the Aqua Turbo® MIX-GS are that they do not rag up compared with other mixers, operate at a much lower speed with significant energy savings and require minimal maintenance.

Also, they can be installed in situ without having to stop the process or empty the tanks which is beneficial to the client and time saving.

The Horwich Wastewater Treatment works treats effluent locally from the town and surrounding areas and the expected payback for the Anoxic Mixers on investment is less than 12months.

A spokesman for JR Bentley commented that the all parties involved are extremely impressed with the performance of Aqua Turbo® Submersible MIX-GS units during the initial installation and this has resulted in further orders for the Mixers to be installed at a number of UU Waste Water Plants since this successful installation.

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